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Area of business

PASStec develops and manufactures innovative components

for building / room automation for LON, BACnet and Modbus networks.

  • LON-, BACnet-, Modbus- Controls

  • measurment devices for humidity, clima, temperature

  • Control and regulation equipment (individual room control, ...)

  • building control

  • Building system technology (lighting control, blind control, individual room control, room monitoring, energy management, ...)

  • DMX Controls

Our Service

Custom development and manufacturing - measuring, controlling and regulating

For more than 15 years, we have been developing and manufacturing customer-specific solutions in hardware and software for a wide variety of applications.

We are also happy to assist you in project supporting function.

Pro-face system partner

The company Pro-face is the leading industrial touch panel manufacturer in the world.

The touch-sensitive operator terminals are designed for applications in industrial and building automation and can be connected to a wide variety of control systems. This system independence leads to a wide range of applications in the most diverse areas of automation technology. The Pro-face product range includes:

  • HMI

  • TouchPLC

  • Industrial PC

  • Flat screen monitors with touch

As system partner we offer the following services:

Sale of Pro-face products

  • Consulting and support in product selection and application issues

complete project design

  • Configuration of automation solutions

  • Integration of Pro-face components in complete systems

  • Software development

  • commissioning

  • documentation

German Version

New PASSlink function

New PASSlink function

Simply network several TouchLBMs in the master-slave principle with PASSlink.

The control panel connected to PASSlink simulate the same function.

Function included in TouchMaker 4.04.

New touchpanel series type TouchLBM from 3.5"-27" available now!

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