Our basics

We understand our company as a social entity in which different people have come together to form a community with the same goals. Within this structure each member has a defined and transparent task.

Our ultimate goal is to fully satisfy our customers with their desires and to put into practice traditional, ethical values ​​and innovative thinking. Not only do we want customer satisfaction, we also want to impress with our performance. We want to always be pioneers in our fields and to put our forces of humanity and the environment into service.

About this, our highest goal, we want to find joy and understanding, which connects us each other. This joy and enthusiasm in the work should create an open, critical, innovative team, in which each one is to contribute with his ideas, thoughts, suggestions, so that everyone contributes his part to the constant improvement and further development of the whole.

The common corporate goal of all participants is to generate profits in compliance with the criteria of the company mission statement. When using the company profit, we are aware that we as a company have an overall responsibility towards society. The management of the company PASStec GmbH will thus be very careful and careful to ensure that the profits are used to secure the future of the social enterprise.

That means to us

  • the development opportunity and promotion of all employees.

  • Investing in developing products that help people and protect our environment.

  • supporting projects that serve the common purpose and have ethical, traditional or similar goals.

The management commits itself

  • to do everything in the sense of the mission statement and to ensure openness and transparency.

  • Make all decisions for the good of the company and increase the profits for the benefit of all.

  • to familiarize all employees with the thoughts and backgrounds of the mission statement and its importance for happiness, health and success.

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New PASSlink function

New PASSlink function

Simply network several TouchLBMs in the master-slave principle with PASSlink.

The control panel connected to PASSlink simulate the same function.

Function included in TouchMaker 4.04.

New touchpanel series type TouchLBM from 3.5"-27" available now!

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