- easy to use gateway für LON-BACnet-Modbus

- integrated functions for direct use of ProFace (Schneider electronic) touchpanel series with LON/BACnet

- MicroSD Card Slot

- Interface: Ethernet, RS485, USB

- support protocols: LON FTT, LON IP, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCM

- Power 24V AC/DC

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- DMX - RS232 Interface - DMX Sever

- supports up to 512 DMX Address

- Power 5V DC extern or 5V via PIN9 RS232 D-Sub Con

- easy to use software protocol

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New PASSlink function

New PASSlink function

Simply network several TouchLBMs in the master-slave principle with PASSlink.

The control panel connected to PASSlink simulate the same function.

Function included in TouchMaker 4.04.

New touchpanel series type TouchLBM from 3.5"-27" available now!

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