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Since 1990, PASStec has been developing and manufacturing innovative electronic solutions for control, automation and communication technology in the field of building / room automation and air conditioning technology.

Components for the bus systems LON, BACnet and Modbus are just as much a part of the portfolio as control solutions for DMX-based lighting systems.

Building services systems can be controlled in an energy-saving and efficient manner using our TouchLBM control units. In order to meet the very high demands on the control and regulation of these systems, we work closely with our customer to develop individual solutions for all areas of building and room automation.

We plan, develop and realize individual lighting concepts and special solutions for special lighting tasks. By using an electronic light control, light scenes can be programmed in a very specific way, such as:

  • Residential houses and apartments

  • Castles, churches and museums

  • Offices, shops, shopping malls

  • Garden and outdoor facilities

  • Swimming pools and spa areas, hospitals

  • Hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars

Thus, in a room, lighting scenes with different lighting moods can be called up as desired.

We supply and service customers not only in Germany but worldwide.

In addition to public buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and schools are among the construction projects that have been equipped with components from PASStec.

Particularly noteworthy is the development of the humidity / ventilation sicCare-Vis and the complete sicCare-Sys system. Both devices provide a better room climate and set new standards in the field of "controlled natural ventilation." The central aim is a building-friendly dehumidification and ventilation of historically valuable buildings such as castles, but also churches, museums, schools, archives and depots.

In close cooperation with the Institute for Diagnostics and Conservation of Monuments in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt e.V., PASStec has already successfully helped many churches and museums to dehumidify and ventilate properly. The result is a room climate improvement, the reduction of moisture damage and the preservation of historical buildings.

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New PASSlink function

New PASSlink function

Simply network several TouchLBMs in the master-slave principle with PASSlink.

The control panel connected to PASSlink simulate the same function.

Function included in TouchMaker 4.04.

New touchpanel series type TouchLBM from 3.5"-27" available now!

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